CEC Welcomes Dan Phan as the Digital Media Intern

A Houston native, Dan Phan is a student at the University of Houston where he is pursuing his degree in Digital Media with an emphasis in Motion Media. He currently serves as the historian for the UH Chapter of Graphics, Communication and Education Association (UHGCEA). His love for the city of Houston and storytelling is what inspires him to spread the culture through video and photo. 

Whenever Dan isn’t taking videos and photos, he is found behind a computer editing the photos and videos that he’s taken and works on solo projects for fun or freelance. Dan is a big fan of Houston sports, especially basketball, and spends his time going to basketball games, playing video games, biking, baking, and hanging out with friends.

Dan is excited for his opportunity at CEC to expand his knowledge of the environment and use his digital media skills to spread awareness.

Dan can be reached at [email protected]

CEC Welcomes Aniell Parrales as a Event Coordination Intern

Aniell Parrales is a senior at the University of Houston where she is pursuing a Bachelor of Liberal Arts degree in Communication Public Relations, and minoring in Business Foundations.

She has been very active in coordinating big events at the University of Houston like University of Houston’s oldest tradition Frontier Fiesta, Winter Wonderland and UH Graduate school Fair.

Aniell was born and raised in Houston, but would like to move to Colorado in the near future. She enjoys art, traveling, rock climbing, dancing, and last but not least, trying new food.

She is excited to leave her mark at this organization and to help create events that bring thousands of people together to inform them about all CEC has to offer.

CEC Welcomes Taylor Surratt as a Government Relations Intern

Taylor Surratt is currently a senior at the University of Houston where he is pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree in Political Science with a minor in Applied Politics. As a government relations intern at CEC, he is looking forward to gaining valuable first-hand experience in observing the relationship between local government and environmental organizations.Taylor has been granted this internship opportunity through the University of Houston’s Hobby School of Public Affairs Civic Houston Internship Program. Continue reading