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A note from Rachel Powers, CEC’s Executive Director

A note from Rachel Powers, CEC’s Executive Director

It has been my profound pleasure and privilege to serve the environmental community as the executive director of the CEC for the past nine years (and as a volunteer for nine years before that). My last day on staff will be on Friday, February 4, 2022. 

However, I’m not leaving entirely! I will be leaving with a supportive, capable, and committed board in place, along with a fabulous team of staff, interns, and volunteers. I will transition into the role of an advisor and mentor for CEC’s staff, board, and interns, as CEC evolves into an even stronger organization. I will volunteer, donate, attend events, and serve as a member of CEC’s communications committee and advisory council as I prepare for my next adventure.

I am proud of the accomplishments of the CEC over the past several years. With the help of staff, contractors, volunteers, and interns, we have continued the 50-year legacy of CEC’s newsletter, expanded the reach of our websites and social media, strengthened our commitment to environmental justice, coordinated environmental training and resources for educators and students, connected job searchers with job openings, hosted tens of thousands of event participants, launched Houston Green Films & Festivals, welcomed hundreds of volunteers, spoken with dozens of media outlets, coordinated collaborative grants, supported the launch of several brand new environmental organizations, and participated in numerous policy initiatives. 

I am especially proud of our interns, who inspire me every day with their commitment, curiosity, diversity, accomplishment, and desire to change the world. They have overcome adversity; graduated from high school, community college, university, and graduate school; won national and international awards; landed jobs with CEC member organizations and at the White House (!); and have come back to tell me of their adventures. (Hint.)

My resignation is part of a larger trend. The Great Resignation has hit nonprofit organizations especially hard; the nonprofit workforce has shrunk more than most industries, even though the demand for services has only increased. CEC has been growing and adapting, but support from our readers will be critical to our continued success. I hope you will consider joining me in making a donation to the CEC–-to celebrate CEC’s accomplishments and to help ensure our future.

If you would like to learn about my adventures, I encourage you to reach out to me via LinkedIn. I would love to hear from you.

It has been an honor and a joy to meet and work with so many of you. Keep doing good.