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Celebrating Wonder Women

Does anyone remember the Grolier Encyclopedia, the supplemental Science encyclopedia, and Value Tales that salesmen guilted parents into buying when they saw kids gathered to hear pitches from someone offering a wealth of knowledge? Value Tales were hardcover books aimed at children that were shipped regularly to your house — think of Columbia House but for a young, curious reader instead….

The more the city grows, the more we need to protect our wetlands

Houston was born on the bayou, or rather where Buffalo Bayou intersects with White Oak Bayou — Allen’s Landing. Almost 200 years later, it’s the fourth largest city in America, and with an area that encompasses 8 counties, it’s still growing. But with the advancements that come with increased development comes fewer trees, fewer wildlife, fewer prairies, and … fewer…

‘Once there was a tree …’

“… and she loved a little boy.” We’ve all read Shel Silverstein’s The Giving Tree. It takes on different meanings depending on when in your life you read it — or re-read it. It can be a story about unconditional love, or an allegory of greed and narcissism, or the passage of time. The tree gives everything it has, and…