CEC Welcomes Carlotta Robson as a Policy Intern

Carlotta is currently a student at the University of Manchester studying geography in the UK. She is undertaking a placement year in Houston with CEC due to her interests in the environment and sustainability, and is excited to learn more about Houston’s geography.

In her spare time, Carlotta enjoys the outdoors, reading and swimming, and can’t wait to explore Houston, especially its thrift stores!

Carlotta hopes to put her love for geography into practice and into a career in the non-profit sector, which is starting with CEC.

CEC Welcomes Nour Baba as a Marketing & Communications intern

Nour currently attends the University of Houston studying Political Science and Integrated Communication. She will graduate in the Spring of 2022 with a world to explore.

She sees every day as a new day to learn and explore new skills to add to her qualifications because, “you can never stop learning”. She is vegan for our environment, the animals, and her health. She enjoys art, reading, music, theatre, history, running, and most importantly saving our planet!

She also currently helps an NGO called “Restoring Beirut” through social media. “We restore homes of the elderly and the environment surrounding them in Beirut Lebanon in hopes we can restore the city from the aftermath of a environmental and societal catastrophe,” she writes. She enjoys that her future is uncertain but is certainly filled with many different jobs, non-profits, and anything that helps the world around her is where she will be.

Nour can be reached at nour.baba@cechouston.org.

CEC welcomes Jaretd Meraz as an archive intern

Jaretd Meraz is Houston born and raised and is a freshman in the University of Houston. He is currently majoring in Teaching and Learning and hopes to become a high school math teacher one day. Along the way, he plans to help teach others about the earth’s environment and learn more about it himself.

Jaretd has always thought mathematics can be for everyone; they just needed that push to solve the problems. There is a certain beauty to having that “a-ha!” moment when you finally understand the subject after making countless tries. Just like working out helps exercise your muscles, mathematics helps exercise your brain and problem solving. Jaretd not always “math math math”: in his free time he likes to watch movies, talk to family and friends, or play video games.

Jardt is working to digitize 50 years of CEC newsletters and other history, and organize donations to CEC’s archives in the University of Houston Library’s Special Collections. Jaretd can be reached at jaretd.meraz@cechouston.org.