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Environmental Headlines for the Houston Region: February 3, 2022

Environmental Headlines for the Houston Region: February 3, 2022

EPA chief’s visit gives communities hope

(Houston Chronicle, Keith Downey, Updated 01/27/22. Photo: Elizabeth Conley)

“In Fifth Ward and Liberty Gardens, it’s not only the creosote contamination. We’re landlocked by freeways and railroads, so we are exposed to transportation emissions. People don’t realize that freeways can cause floods, too. When 52 inches falls over your head, 52 inches also falls on the freeway. Where does that water go? “


At a Crossroads

(Houston Chronicle, Dug Begley, Updated 01/30/22. Photo by Mark Mulligan.)

“Growth in Fort Bend County and the rest of the region is coming, however, and somewhere along this flat stretch of farmland the Grand Parkway eventually will cross the Fort Bend Tollway. Where county leaders eventually decide to put that intersection will have an impact far beyond the typical road, with potential ripple effects on the cost to build the toll roads, the types of development… “


TCEQ proposal rankles advocates

(Houston Chronicle, Emily Foxhall, Updated 01/29/22. Photo by Godofredo A. Vásquez.)

“Industrial disasters in recent years have caused more concerning air pollution readings than winter storms or hurricanes, state regulators say. The findings highlight what many Houstonians may already know: There’s a critical need for monitoring air quality when chemical facilities and refineries explode or catch fire.”


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