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Throwback Thursday: Reduce, Re-use, and Recycle 1992

In the 1992 newsletter, CEC shared a notice about the proposed federal Reduce, Re-use and Recycle for America Act. The Act proposed that all levels of government prioritize recycled goods, recycled items, and ban certain items from incinerators. However, this recycling act was never passed.

Some laws and regulations have been passed since 1992. A bottle bill has been passed in ten states, but not in Texas, despite advocacy by organizations such as Texas Campaign for the Environment and Texans for Clean Water. Similarly, other countries, states, counties, and cities have passed plastic bag regulations and bans; in Texas, such measures must be voluntary.

Texas has many barriers to recycling, including a lack of public education, regulations, and funding. Legislative changes could improve solid waste infrastructure, fund quality education, and provide incentives for less wasteful manufacturing processes. For this reason, we need to support recycling initiatives, and many organizations are making it easy for us to get involved.

Which state do you think ranks lowest for recycling in the US?

Does plastic or glass require more energy to recycle?

answer in the comments below!

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