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Houston City Council Agenda- February 1 & 2, 2022

The city will consider the following agenda items at the Houston City Council meeting scheduled for Tuesday, February 1 (public meeting) and Wednesday, February 2 (council meeting) in the City Hall Chamber. Hosted as a hybrid event, the virtual details can be found here. The agenda includes items about the land area of districts, elevation of flood-prone homes, wastewater collection and facilities, and disaster recovery services.

Consent Agenda Items

Agenda Item 6 is for the 2022 operation and maintenance budget for the Lake Livingston Project operated by the Trinity River Authority. The budget is around $4 M.

Agenda Item 9 is purchasing drinking water chain of flights parts for HPW at $40 K.

Agenda Item 12 authorizes participation with Entergy service area cities before the Public Utility Commission of Texas during 2022.

Agenda Item 19 increases the maximum contract amount with Carollo Engineers for utility system water and wastewater by $79 K.

Agenda Item 27 consents to adding 3.1 acres of land to Forest Hills Municipal Utility District.

Agenda Item 28 consents to adding 3.7 acres of land to Dowdell Public Utility District.

Agenda Item 28 prohibits the use of designated groundwater beneath a tract of land containing 0.27 acres, commonly known as 1701 Commerce St., Houston.

Agenda Item 30 authorizes an agreement with the Texas Water Development Board to reimburse the cost to complete the elevation of 25 flood-prone homes.

Agenda Item 31 authorizes an agreement with the Texas Water Development Board to reimburse the cost to complete elevation of 36 flood-prone homes.

Agenda Item 32 approves regional waste disposal facilities contract with Gulf Coast Authority for Blackhawk Regional Wastewater Treatment Facility.

Agenda Item 33 takes $500 K out of Water & Sewer System Construction Fund for Intercontinental Airport Treatment Plant Improvements. Contract to be awarded to Stantec Consulting Services.

Agenda Item 34 takes $5.5 M out of Water & Sewer System Construction Fund for wastewater collection system rehabilitation and renewal. This contract has been awarded to PM Construction & Rehab.

Agenda Item 35 awards a $4 M contract to PM construction and Rehab for sanitary sewer rehabilitation.

End of Consent Agenda

Non-Consent Agenda Items

Agenda Item 36 awards a contract to Tetra Tech for professional disaster recovery and consultation services for the City of Houston finance department.

End of Agenda