Environmental Headlines for the Houston Region: January 27, 2022

San Marcos River home to 7 endangered species

(Houston Chronicle, Annie Blanks, Updated 01/22/22. Photo: Staff file photo)

“The animals are endangered because their numbers are declining, and their habitats are increasingly disappearing. The gambusia, for instance, went extinct because of human activities that polluted and weakened the groundwater, which ultimately weakened the habitat.”


Houston eyeing own tunnel vision

(Houston Chronicle, Emily Foxhall, Updated 01/23/22. Photo by Mark Mulligan.)

“The tunnel provides a case study for Houston engineers analyzing whether to build something similar to protect the nation’s fourth-largest city. The region’s flood control infrastructure fell far short when Hurricane Harvey hit …and portending the stronger, wetter storms that climate change is expected to bring.”


Despite law, disabled Texans still at risk in disasters

(Houston Chronicle, St. John Barned-Smith, Updated 01/25/22. Photo by Jon Shapley.)

“A law passed later in 2021 was supposed to help ensure that disabled Texans got help in times of emergency… investigation found that city officials are confused about how to implement the new law and that disabled Texans are just as vulnerable as they were last year.”


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