Environmental Headlines for the Houston Region: January 20, 2022

Farmers find ‘kink in armor’ in fight against proposed landfill

(Houston Chronicle, Emily Foxhall, Updated 01/16/22. Photo by Elizabeth Conley.)

“Weldon received a letter in December saying state environmental regulators had tentatively OK’d the project to go next to his land. He’d been fighting it for months, fearing the landfill would contaminate his well water….”


Surfside Beach builds dunes with Christmas trees

(Houston Chronicle, John Tedesco, Updated 01/16/22. Photo by Mark Mulligan.)

“The tree branches create baby dunes by trapping loose sand. As the dunes grow and coastal grasses take root on top of them, the trees decompose and nourish the grass, which helps ensure that the dunes don’t blow away.”


Solar power comes to some renters

(Houston Chronicle, Shelby Webb, Updated 01/14/22. Photo by Lori Van Buren/ Albany Times Union file photo.)

“Some renters in Montrose soon will be able to plug in to an electrical grid powered by solar panels atop their apartment buildings — just like homeowners who pay for the pricey rooftop equipment.”


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Houston City Council Agenda- January 19, 2022

The city will consider the following agenda items at the Houston City Council meeting scheduled for Wednesday, January 19, in the City Hall Chamber. Hosted as a hybrid event, the virtual details can be found here. The agenda includes items about parks, bridge repair, wastewater treatment plant improvements, the contamination of property and groundwater, road improvements, and drainage.

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