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Environmental Headlines for the Houston Region: January 4, 2022

Photo: Karren Warren/ Houston Chronicle, Staff Photographer. Photo accompanied item on 12/31/21, below. < houstonchronicle.com


Food independence soon may grow from NASA tech [Front Page] (Andrea Leinfelder – Houston Chronicle, 01/02/22) houstonchronicle.com

“The towers — which look like big shelving units — are made of high-density polyethylene and aluminum. Instead of using soil, the roots hang in a bag and are sprayed with a water-nutrients mixture that’s the density of fog.”

Solar set to double footprint in Texas, grow worldwide (Shelby Webb – Houston Chronicle 12/31/21) houstonchronicle.com

“It is incredibly exciting to see the state of Texas, which has been the national leader in wind energy since 2005, now also helping lead the way in solar power generation,”

It’s beginning to look a lot like… summer? (Emily Foxhall – Houston Chronicle, 12/24/21) houstonchronicle.com

“Average temperatures measured at George Bush Intercontinental Airport over the first 20 days of the month were the warmest since the National Weather Service began keeping records around 1889, local meteorologist Jimmy Fowler said.”

Additional Headlines





  • Driver’s get ready: More funds will fuel more roadwork in 2022 (Dug Begley – Houston Chronicle) houstonchronicle.com
  • Where should the electric car chargers go? (Michael Larris, Washington Post, republished in Houston Chronicle) houstonchronicle.com


  • Fifth Ward school shows how I-45 expansion could harm children (Emily Foxhall – Houston Chronicle) houstonchronicle.com


  • New code a push for solar readiness [Front Page] (Dylan McGuinness – Houston Chronicle) houstonchronicle.com
  • Battery costs drain electric vehicle push (Shelby Webb – Houston Chronicle) houstonchronicle.com


  • Four injured in blaze at Exxon refinery [Front Page] (Alejandro Serrano and Paul Takahashi – Houston Chronicle) houstonchronicle.com
    • Reaching to the sky to find fuel for rockets (Eric Killelea – Houston Chronicle) houstonchronicle.com


  • EPA strengthening standards on car and truck emissions (James Osborne – Houston Chronicle) houstonchronicle.com
  • Omicron variant hits oil price hard (Daniel Graeber, Correspondent – Houston Chronicle) houstonchronicle.com