Environmental Headlines for the Houston Region: July 16, 2019

The city of South Houston wants to remove mercury limits from its wastewater plant permit. Residents are fighting to keep them.

(Houston Chronicle, Perla Trevizo, Updated 07/11/19. Photo by Perla Trevizo.)

“At a time when chemical plants are catching fire and federal officials are trying to clean up SuperFund sites in the Houston area, they argue that officials can’t be too cautious when dealing with a toxic chemical such as mercury and local waterways.”


Old Galveston drilling site reborn as nature preserve

(Houston Chronicle, Sergio Chapa, Updated 07/11/19. Photo by Elizabeth Conley.)

“…[W]ith the help of the Railroad Commission’s Brownfield Response Program, the old well site has been deemed safe, allowing the conservation group, Artist Boat, to move ahead with restoring the coastal prairie, planting native grasses.”


Feeling the heat: Climate change could mean more extreme heat days for Houston and Texas, report concludes

(Houston Chronicle, Perla Trevizo, Updated 07/16/19. Photo by Juan Figueroa)

“If the number of extremely hot, humid days already seems like too many, a national study finds it’s likely to get worse.”


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