CEC welcomes back Tayler McKenzie as an Environmental Policy Intern

Tayler McKenzie is a returning summer intern who has always called the Houston area home. She is currently a junior attending the University of Houston and is working on majoring in Environmental Science as well as minoring in Political Science. 

In between studying and working, Tayler enjoys exploring the city of Houston; particularly frequenting museums and scouring local restaurants for the world’s best veggie burger. She also strives to keep up with current events in order to further her knowledge and understanding of the world around her. When the current state of the world seems anything but optimistic, Tayler finds solace in writing poetry and aspires to one day be a published author.

Ever since she was young, Tayler knew she had a passion for positive social change in the world around her. Her main concerns are centered around the ever growing issues of climate change and habitat conservation. Tayler will continue to advocate for environmentalism with the hope of sparking change in the world for a better future, not only on behalf of her generation, but for generations to come.

Tayler can be reached at [email protected]