CEC Welcomes EcoRise as a New Member Organization

CEC is delighted to welcome EcoRise as a new member organization. EcoRise develops curriculum that introduces students to sustainability, environmental literacy, social innovation, and hands-on design skills. They also offer extensive teacher professional development for the EcoRise curriculum and best-practice classroom strategies. For students, EcoRise funds a student grant program to help student innovations come to life.

The organization’s mission is to empower youth to become the new generation of leaders that will design a sustainable future for all. EcoRise does this by enhancing STEM education; promoting sustainability; exposing students to green careers, green professionals, and green technology; and helping students develop 21st century skills including creativity and innovation in schools and virtual classrooms across the world.

(512) 651-3563
1023 Springdale Road, Bldg.1, Suite J
Austin, TX 78721
Newsletter: EcoRise Monthly

Facebook.com: EcoRise and General Educator Facebook Group
Twitter.com: @EcoRise
Instagram:  (@ecorise)
LinkedIn:  EcoRise
YouTube: EcoRise

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CEC Welcomes ASLA as a Returning Member Organization

The Citizens’ Environmental Coalition is pleased to welcome into our fold the Houston-Gulf Coast Section of the American Society of Landscape Architects as a returning member organization.  

The Texas Chapter of ASLA was established in 1978, after having been part of a previous chapter, known as the Southwest chapter, that was created in 1959. ASLA was a member of the CEC as early as 1974!

ASLA: Texas Chapter
P.O. Box 170125
Austin, TX 78717
(512) 663-6629

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CEC welcomes STAR as a new member organization

The CEC is pleased to welcome STAR– The State of Texas Alliance for Recycling, as a new member organization.

STAR’s mission is to advance recycling through partnerships, education, and advocacy for the benefit of Texas.

STAR’s mission targets economic growth, job creation, and resource conservation. STAR builds upon and supports end markets by coordinating stakeholders to find common ground through information sharing and partnerships that get recyclable materials to their market. It is through STAR’s data-driven advocacy that they are shaping and defining the future of materials management by facilitating discussion that leads to action.  STAR’s membership and partners represent a variety of sectors from the industry, public and private sectors, municipalities, academia, and nonprofits. Their diverse network allows them to be the resource for all things recycling in Texas.

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