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Celebrating Wildlife Conservation Day


Photo courtesy of Galveston Bay Foundation

Every year on December 4th, Wildlife Conservation Day serves as a global reminder to reflect on the importance of preserving and protecting the rich biodiversity that graces our planet. Human interference in the form of pollution, expansion, hunting, and poaching, to name a few, has brought many species to the brink of extinction. Mankind has been doing this for centuries. We also have been advocates for wildlife throughout the centeries.

In the vast state of Texas, home to diverse ecosystems and a wide array of wildlife, efforts to conserve native species has been gaining momentum. The elusive and magnificent ocelot, the swift and agile bobcat, and the resilient mountain lion are among the native cats that call Texas home. However, these feline species face various threats, including habitat loss, vehicle collisions, and conflicts with humans. Organizations such as Texas Native Cats work tirelessly to make sure wild cats continue to exist through habitat preservation, research and monitoring and education.

Another amazing local organization, that is passionate about conservation, is Galveston Bay Foundation (GBF). The GBF has been at the forefront of conservation efforts in the region, focusing on habitat restoration, water quality improvement, and wildlife protection. At GBF their mission is to preserve and enhance Galveston Bay. Through education, habitat restoration, water protection, land conservation and advocacy they are true advocates for the Bay.

There are countless other local and even global organizations that advocate for wildlife. To learn more about the above mentioned organizations and to discover others, check out Citizens’ Environmental Coalition’s website. Wildlife Conservation Day serves as a poignant reminder of the collective responsibility we bear to protect the natural world and its inhabitants.