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CEC Visioning Committee

In 2023, CEC intends to continue key programming, while focusing board and leadership efforts on re-imagining the organization to be as impactful, equitable, and sustainable as possible. Together with a Visioning Committee made up of CEC members and community partners, we will ensure a future for CEC that truly connects the Greater Houston environmental community in a way that is transformative for our members.

 Discussions and related activities will be focused on determining how CEC can best meet the needs of the Greater Houston environmental community. General questions that need to be answered to this aim include, but are not limited to, the following:

      1. What are the true needs of the Greater Houston environmental community?
      2. Which of these needs are currently being addressed by other groups?
      3. How can the remaining needs be addressed?
      4. What are methods of addressing these needs that CEC could take on as its core programming?
      5. How could this new programming be funded?
      6. Who is the key audience?
      7. Does CEC’s branding (name, logo, colors) and current ongoing offerings (newsletter, website resources, etc) fit within this new programming? If not, what would work better?
      8. Are the plans in place (Business Plan, Development Plan, Communications Plan, etc) to implement this new programming?
      9. What additional structure needs to be created to implement this new programming?

To provide input on the future of CEC, please feel free to contact us with your ideas!