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The Pasadena Watershed After-School Program

The Pasadena Watershed After-School Program

CEC has partnered with Artist Boat and Galveston Bay Foundation to deliver environmental education to four schools in Pasadena and establish the Pasadena Watershed After-School Program.

This program is named after the natural and essential water-flow systems: watersheds, which are crucial to our environment as they allow plants and animals to get the water they need in order to grow. Much like a watershed, the Pasadena Watershed After-School Program allows those who interact with it to grow more in the understandings of the environmental systems that keep us alive, promoting environmental education.

What is environmental education? Environmental education is the teachings of how natural environments function, and how human activity plays a part in the sustainability and longevity of the systems we depend upon. Environmental education combined with a typical education allows for global minded and future focused students.

We are proud to report the success of the program since it started in August of 2021. Lessons have included a variety of topics, from what’s in our watershed to biodiversity and ocean acidification. Virtual and hands-on activities allowed curiosity to foster in these young minds.

These activities led to a final project that was planned and executed by the students themselves: the creation of a mural. Using what they had learned in the program and their creativity, the students collectively crafted a beautiful mural with a powerful message: protect our environment.