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Archway Gallery Presents: A Group Exhibition in Celebration of Earth Day 2022

Archway Gallery Presents: A Group Exhibition in Celebration of Earth Day 2022

The group exhibition- For the love of Earth– will have an opening reception at 5-8 PM and an Artist Talk at 6:30 PM on Saturday, April 2, 2022. Archway Gallery has chosen to partner with Citizens’ Environmental Coalition; 25% of the sales of the works featured in For Love of Earth will be donated to CEC. CEC Board President Steve Stelzer said “partnerships like this one with Archway Gallery help further the CEC mission. We love to see our community on Earth Day contemplating actions to restore something in the environment and we applaud these artists for using their creative platform to further the cause”.

Following the opening, there will be a speaker series, which features two of our board members:

April 7: “At home solutions for marine debris and pollution”, Charlotte Cisneros, Community Programs Manager at Galveston Bay Foundation

April 21: “Circular Economy”, Steve Stelzer, Program Director at the City of Houston Green Building Resource Center

For thousands of years humans have used art to express their experiences in the natural world. Today that natural world is changing under the weight of industrialization and other human activities. Earth’s ecosystems are collapsing before our very eyes, and artists, just like everyone else, are feeling the effects, both physically – suffering floods, fires, tornados, and  hurricanes – and emotionally. Scientists have been warning of climate change and impending disasters for decades, and we are now seeing the results of our collective inattention. If Earth is to be preserved as a habitable, sustaining home for future generations, it is up to us to act now. This is the only home we have.  

Archway Artists believe that art has a powerful voice and with it the hope to raise awareness of the need to take collective action and inspire hope that our species can undergo the renewal necessary to save our home. The exhibition challenges the viewer to consider the fragility of our planet and all living things on it and to take actions which will bring beneficial change. he state of our natural environment presents complex problems that require us to change our behaviors. We live  in a finite world with finite resources, and a global population that has increased almost threefold in the last 75 years. As climate activist artist John Akomfrah said in an interview with ICA Boston, “This is not the 18th century anymore—it’s not  unlimited landscapes and unlimited space to explore ad infinitum, wasting away, trashing away as we go along.” We are all  children of this Earth and need to take care of our beautiful inheritance so that we can pass it on to future generations. 

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