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Environmental Headlines for the Houston Region: February 17, 2022

Environmental Headlines for the Houston Region: February 17, 2022

Fifth Ward residents tired of fighting contamination and seeing no action

(Houston Chronicle, Emily Foxhall, Updated 02/15/22. Photo: Melissa Phillip)

“London didn’t want still to be talking about the fact that decades after the potential danger was known the rail yard in Fifth Ward remains contaminated with creosote, a chemical sludge suspected to cause cancer. She didn’t want still to be pointing out that the area has higher rates of certain cancers than state researchers expect to find.”


Plan would give city only $9M in flood funds

(Houston Chronicle, Dylan McGuinness, Updated 02/16/22. Photo: Bret Coomer)

“The fact is, Texas received this money for damages that occurred in Houston and Harris County,” Turner said. “Houston and Harris County suffered 50 percent of the damages during Harvey, which is not up for debate. What am I missing? If circumstances were different, I would advocate for the other jurisdictions. 


O’Rourke targets Abbott, freeze

(Leah Brennan and Dylan McGuiness Updated 02/16/22. Photo: Karen Warren)

“Beto O’Rourke on Tuesday night spoke about the heartbreak of last year’s fatal freeze in Texas and said why he believes it happened, in hopes that it’s not repeated.

The Democrat has homed in on the power outages as he campaigns against incumbent Republican Gov. Greg Abbott.”


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