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Houston City Council Agenda- February 8 & 9, 2022

The city will consider the following agenda items at the Houston City Council meeting scheduled for Tuesday, February 8 (public meeting) and Wednesday, February 9 (council meeting) in the City Hall Chamber. Hosted as a hybrid event, the virtual details can be found here. The agenda includes items about water treatment, flood mitigation, wastewater facilities, and utility rate matters.

Consent Agenda Items

Agenda Item 2 is a contract with Durwood Greene Construction Co. for city wide overlay package to improve and maintain a safe road surface and accessibility.

Agenda Item 8 approves an award to 216 Resources, in the amount of $900 K for sand, washed gravel, and stabilized cement.

Agenda Item 18 increases the maximum contract amount with Denali Water Solutions, LLC for onsite water treatment and sludge dewatering and disposal services. The contract amount will increase by $760 K.

Agenda Item 21 consents to the addition of 195.4 acres of land to Harris County Municipal District No. 5.

Agenda Item 22 consents to the addition of 229 acres of land to Sheldon Road Municipal Utility District.

Agenda Item 23 approves contract with Property Owners at 5823 Reamer Street, Houston, 77004 for 2016 flood mitigation assistance home elevation project.

Agenda Item 24 is a grant application to Texas Water Development Board for community flood mitigation assistance.

Agenda Item 25 appropriates funds out of Water & Sewer Consolidated Construction fund for Lift Station Renewal and improvement as part of the Capital Improvement Plan for Wastewater facilities.

End of Consent Agenda

Non-Consent Agenda Items

Agenda Item 27 is an agreement with Adams and Reese, LLP for legal services in connection with utility rate matters. This contract amounts to $1 M.

End of Agenda