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Houston City Council Agenda- January 11 & 12, 2022

The city will consider the following agenda items at the Houston City Council meeting scheduled for Tuesday, January 11 (public meeting) and Wednesday, January 12, (council meeting) in the City Hall Chamber. Hosted as a hybrid event, the virtual details can be found here. The agenda includes items about operational and maintenance budgets, inclusion of land in districts, drainage projects, and the Safe Sidewalk Program.

Consent Agenda Items

Agenda Item 2 and Item 3 takes a total of $38 K out of drainage and water system construction funds for neighborhood street reconstruction.

Agenda Item 4 is for the approval of the 2022 operational and maintenance budget for the Lake Houston Facilities Project in the amount of $3.5 million.

Agenda Item 5 is the approval of the 2022 operational and maintenance budget for the Luce Bayou System Project operated by the Coastal Water Authority, which amounts to $5 million.

Agenda Item 6 approves the 2022 operations and maintenance budget for the Trinity River Water Conveyance Project in the amount of $23 million.

Agenda Item 11, for purchase of replacement parts and construction services for the Cullen Park playground which was damaged during Hurricane Harvey.

Agenda Item 21 consents to the inclusion of 266 acres of land to Valley Ranch medical Center Management District.

Agenda Item 22 consents to the addition of 13.74 acres of land to the Fort Bend County Municipal Utility District No. 58.

Agenda Item 23 consents to 12 acres of landed being included in the Remington Municipal Utility District No 1.

Agenda Item 25 appropriates $262 K out of Dedicated Drainage and Street Renewal Capital Fund to professional engineers for local drainage projects.

Agenda Item 26 awards $21 million contract to LEM Construction Company INC for Almeda Sims Wastewater Treatment Plant improvements.

Agenda Item 27 authorizes payment of $165 K to GC Engineering for University Boulevard paving and drainage from Kirby Drive to Morningside Drive.

End of Consent Agenda

Non-Consent Agenda Items

Agenda Item 29 is for the approval of a final contract amount of $2.6 million to Tikon Group for the Safe Sidewalk Program.

End of Agenda