H-E-B provides a silver lining for the Texas environment

Photo courtesy of Texas Parks & Wildlife Department

In need of some good news this week? EarthShare of Texas and its 40 member nonprofits are breathing a sigh of relief after H-E-B announced a $190,000 gift to the organization. This generous gift will benefit many parks, waterways, and environmental education programs across the State of Texas, allowing our communities to enjoy our beautiful state for years to come.

EarthShare of Texas’s relationship with H-E-B is not new. Since 2007, EarthShare of Texas has partnered every year in April for H-E-B’s tear pad campaign, where customers can tear off and add check-out coupons worth $1, $3, or $5 to their total bill to support EarthShare of Texas and our member organizations. In the interest of safety, for both H-E-B Partners and the public, H-E-B has decided to forgo the yearly tear-pad campaign and kindly cut a check for EarthShare of Texas directly.

We are beyond pleased to continue our partnership with H-E-B. The Texas environment and its beneficiaries (plants, animals, their ecosystem and you and me) are grateful for the contribution. Thank you, H-E-B! 

To learn more about supporting EarthShare of Texas and its member organizations, feel free to visit us at https://earthshare-texas.org/. Read the full press release.

CEC is a big fan of H-E-B’s environmental initiatives relating to transportation emission reductions; green building; seafood sustainability; recycling, composting, and waste reduction; and ongoing support for environmental partners.