CEC Welcomes Scarlett Ramon as Policy & Government Relations Intern

Scarlett Ramon is a junior at the University of Houston and is currently in the pursuit of obtaining a B.A. in Philosophy with a minor in Studio Art. Her main undergraduate focus includes discovering various ways to accurately apply philosophical approaches towards environmental issues with respect to one’s political climate i.e. determining the ethics between the people, government and one’s environment. She hopes to further her post undergraduate studies by conquering a J.D. in Environmental and Natural Resources law at UH Law Center. 

Scarlett loves to go on hiking trips with friends or family, practicing film photography, and cultivating meditation skills in her day to day life. Her favorite getaway place in the city of Houston is the BBVA Roof Garden at the Museum of Fine Arts district. In addition to spending time outdoors, Scarlett is interested in finding ways to uplift her community through personal pursuit of knowledge in local politics and their involvement when it comes to environmental issues. 

Intrigued by the observation of how law and regulations concerning the environment affects one’s community or quality of life, Scarlett aims to create an open dialogue between the community and local politicians when it comes to implementing laws, policies, or regulations. She is excited to work with CEC to deepen her knowledge about the role of politics and law and their relationship with the environment and the community. Scarlett may be reached at [email protected]