CEC welcomes Houston Electric Auto Association as a member organization

CEC is pleased to welcome Houston Electric Auto Association as a returning member organization of the CEC.

In 1967 an inventor and research engineer, Walter Laski, formed the Electric Auto Association to quickly augment the usage of electric vehicles. The idea was to create local grass-root chapters such as the Houston Electric Auto Association that would educate the public on electric vehicles.

205 Roberts St. 
Houston, TX 77003

Their local chapter, Houston Electric Auto Association, incorporated in 1987 organizes a regular meeting the first Thursday of every month from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm, to allow the public to obtain expert insight on new electrical vehicle developments and innovations. These meetings feature speakers, demonstrations, and, occasionally, practical opportunities to work on electric vehicles. Recent presentations have included:

  • NASA Armstrong Flight Research Center: Sean Clarke discussed his effort in development on NASA’s X-57 electric research airplane.
  • Aerospace: George Bye spoke about applying innovative solar-electric configuration, structural, propulsion and mechanical systems along with aerodynamic advances to design, build and market aerospace products that will offer significant increases in performance to aerospace markets. One such project includes a solar-electric UAV designed to provide a significant enhancement in range and loiter time relative to current UAV designs.
  • Tesla in Texas: Kevin Thompson talked about Tesla in Texas initiative to change the laws in Texas so that Tesla can sell their cars here direct to the consumer.
  • Phoenix Motorcars: Thomas Allen discussed the electric powered light duty trucks and shuttle busses being developed at Phoenix Motorcars.
  • Houston Metro: Lauren Cochran, Director of Innovation, talked about their efforts on testing out electric busses.

Some meetings offer the chance to display and work on electric vehicles. Past examples of these opportunities include:   

  • Helping Post Oak High School students transform a Toyota Supra into an Electric Toyota Supra.
  • Allotting time for a member, Jay Weis, who required advice on electrifying his 1998 Mitsubishi Cargo Van Art car.

CEC was delighted to have Houston Electric Auto Association participate in Earth Day Houston, where several of their members displayed their cars as part of an interactive, electric car petting zoo.