CEC Welcomes Taylor Surratt as a Government Relations Intern

Taylor Surratt is currently a senior at the University of Houston where he is pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree in Political Science with a minor in Applied Politics. As a government relations intern at CEC, he is looking forward to gaining valuable first-hand experience in observing the relationship between local government and environmental organizations.Taylor has been granted this internship opportunity through the University of Houston’s Hobby School of Public Affairs Civic Houston Internship Program.

Taylor strongly believes that all governments must act swiftly in order to combat climate change and ensure that a safe, healthy, and enjoyable environment endures for future generations to experience. Taylor also believes that in a democratic nation such as ours, it is essential that our representative government acts on behalf of the American people to defend and protect our essential right to a natural environment untarnished by the adverse effects of human industry. Ultimately, Taylor hopes to do whatever he can as a government relations intern within CEC to ensure that the public is well-informed of environmental policies being considered by those who represent us. It is only through an actively engaged and well-informed citizenry that individuals can fully participate in the democratic process to foster a successful dialogue and relationship between the representatives of the people and the people themselves.

In his free time, Taylor enjoys reading, watching movies, cooking new plant-based meals, going to concerts, and going on daily walks with his dog, Brody. Taylor also loves camping, road trips, classic cars, cycling, rainy days, and going to coffee shops, bookstores, and antique shops.

Taylor is excited to do his part as a government relations intern to advance the environmental well-being of our local community as well as to assist CEC in its nearly five decade long mission to uphold environmental causes through communication, collaboration, and constructive dialogue.

Taylor can be reached at [email protected]