Houston City Council Agenda – February 6, 2018

This city considered the following agenda items at the February 6, 2018, Houston Council Meeting. The agenda items include payment for various services and restricted access to contaminated groundwater.

3 – Nearly $20 million is recommended to be allotted to the Coastal Water Authority Operations and Maintenance Budget for the Trinity River Conveyance. The Coastal Water Authority operates the raw water transportation for the City of Houston, which includes 36 miles of canals.

4 – Over $560,000 is to be approved and authorized to Synagro of Texas, CDR, Inc for removing and transporting solids, sand, and grit from several wastewater treatment facilities, including Sims Bayou North Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP), Brock Life Station Wet Well, and Keegans Bayou WWTP.

7 – Over $69,000 is to be approved and authorized to Nation Waste, Inc for providing portable toilets and waste hauling services during Hurricane Harvey. This equipment protected against biohazards, disease, and illnesses when the waterlines were not operational due to storm damage.

20 – Texas Bastrop Street, LLC would like to designate the land at 505 Bastrop Street and 2311 Texas Avenue, Houston, TX 77003 as a Municipal Setting Designation to restrict access to the groundwater system to protect the public from possible exposure. A previous facility on the land produced products which contaminated the water with various organic solvents such as trichlororethene.

24 – Texas Grime Fighters has been given the right to collect, haul, and transport solid and industrial waste from commercial properties within the city of Houston.