Houston City Council Agenda – January 9, 2018

This city considered the following agenda items at the January 9, 2018, Houston Council Meeting. The agenda items include contracts awarded to companies to reduce the risk of structural flooding, clean sewers, and haul waste in the city of Houston.

29 – Over $1.1 million from the Street & Traffic Control and Storm Drainage ewas awarded to Pierce, Goodwin, Alexander, and Linville, Inc. as an additional appropriation. This work includes improvement of storm drainage and necessary concrete paving. The purpose is to reduce the risk of structural flooding. The project area is bound by Globe Street on the north, Edgebrook Drive on the south, Berry Bayou on the east and Theta Street on the west.

30 – Over $897,000 from the Water & Sewer System Consolidated Construction Fund was awarded to CSI Consolidated, LLC dba Clean Serve, LLC to clean sewers and inspect sewers for repair.

31, 32, 33, 34 – A-Z Pressure Wash Company, Heritage Sanitation, Inc, Millsap Waterproofing, Inc, and SEP PROS Waste Recovery LLC, were granted the right to collect and transport solid and industrial waste from commercial properties within the city of Houston.