ECONOTES 2012-01-04: Environmental Headlines for the Houston Region


  1. Houston moving forward with longtime Luce Bayou project (Matthew Tresaugue – Houston Chronicle, 12/26/2011)
    Plans are moving forward with the Luce Bayou project, a nearly $300 million pipeline and canal that will move water from the Trinity River about 30 miles to Lake Houston. This project will help to provide water to the expanding city and suburbs. The Luce Bayou project is a key part of the state’s newly adopted state water plan.
  2. The Race to Salvage Millions of Dead Trees in Texas (Dave Fehling – StateImpact, 12/27/2011)
    The Texas Forest Service has estimated that 100-500 million trees statewide have been lost due to the drought, and Houston is one of the hardest hit areas. However, Houston is salvaging the dead trees. The trees are being turned into wood chips that are used to fuel generators to make electricity at a facility in Nacodoches and another facility in Lufkin.
  3. Following Electronic Waste from Recyclers to Dumps in China (Terrence Henry – StateImpact, 12/28/2011)
    I-Hwa Cheng, a graduate student at the University of Texas, was determined to follow the trail of e-waste from recyclers in Texas to their final destination. Most people who drop their old electronics off at recycling centers do not ask where their old items are going. Cheng found that much of the e-waste ends up in dumping grounds in places such as China, India, and West Africa.