My Houston 2040

Title: My Houston 2040
Location: Rudyard’s Upstairs, 2010 Waugh Drive
Link out: Click here
Description: Houston Tomorrow, Air Alliance Houston, and the Citizens’ Transportation Coalition agree that Houstonians can build a better Houston today by thinking about the Houston we may inherit in 2040 and the Houston we want in 2040. Each happy hour will include time for networking and socializing, a topical speaker who will give an informational presentation on Houston urbanism, transportation planning, culture, environment, and more, and a visionary speaker who will give their “My Houston 2040” talk:

What do you think Houston will be like in 2040?
What do you want Houston to be like in 2040?
What do you want us to do to make Houston like you want it to be in 2040?
Start Time: 17:00
Date: 2011-10-13
End Time: 19:00