CEC Welcomes Ashley Odstrcil as Membership Coordination Intern

Ashley Odstrcil is a student at University of Houston. She is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering Technology and is interested in continuing her education to pursue a Masters in Computational Health Informatics. Aside from her studies, she enjoys exploring the world around her and trying new foods. Growing up in Houston her entire life has led her to be adventurous with different ethnic foods and open to learning about the various different cultures around her.

Ashley also has a love for the environment and expresses her concerns for the environment through her daily life by eliminating waste and by continuously informing herself on better ways to help protect the environment we live in.

Ashley is excited to contribute to CEC and to broaden her knowledge about the environment by developing valuable skills that can further her career aspirations. She can be reached at [email protected]

CEC welcomes Azam Najafi as a management intern

Azam Najafi is a junior at the University of St. Thomas where she is pursuing a masters degree in business management. She was born in Iran and raised in Houston for over ten years. She is looking forward to gaining new skills from CEC that could be put to use in her future career in project management. She loves traveling and exploring new places. Azam also loves the outdoors and learning about new environmental issues going on with the world that she could contribute to. Whenever Azam is not studying or exploring new places she likes trying new food from different places around the world. Azam is excited and looking forward to learning more about the environment and how she can contribute to it.

CEC is pleased to welcome Bryant Matthews as communications intern

CEC is pleased to welcome  Bryant Matthews, a student from Houston Community College, to our team. Bryant is pursuing a degree in HVAC/R. Bryant is working to help companies and people learn to use cleaner and safer products. He believes that working at CEC will help him get a head start and be able to learn better ways to protect our environment.Should you have any concerns or interests, please feel free to contact Bryant by email at [email protected].