Mercer Botanic Gardens seeks Horticulture Interns

Mercer Botanic Gardens, part of Harris County Precinct 4, is seeking to fill four Horticulture Internships for paid summer internship opportunities. The Horticulture Internship provides learning experiences that extend beyond the classroom and into the garden and greenhouses. The Horticulture interns assist with garden maintenance, plant care, plant propagation, and other specified projects at Mercer Botanic Gardens. The internships will run through August 27, 2021, up to 40 hours per week. For the full job description and application instructions, visit

Mercer Botanic Gardens seeks Assistant Curator

Mercer Botanic Gardens, part of Harris County Precinct 4, is seeking an Assistant Curator to perform various tasks associated with operations for the Mercer Botanical Center. The Assistant Curator will assist the Botanist and Botanical Collections Curator with cataloging botanical specimens, file management, library management, sign production and outdoor operations; and assist with scheduling, coordinating and training volunteers and interns for all projects. There is opportunity for advancement. Interested applicants may please send their resume and application with subject line “Assistant Curator Applicant” to Mr. Chris Ludwig, Director, Mercer Botanic Gardens, at Learn more at

Mercer Botanic Gardens seeks Summer Interns, Volunteers

Harris County Precinct 4’s Mercer Botanic Gardens is seeking paid summer interns and volunteers. Learn how to maintain a herbarium or study conservation in the field under Mercer’s botanists and plant experts. Mercer has several opportunities available for students or volunteers who want to take their interest in plants to the next level.
Contact Suzzanne Chapman at or call 713-274-4200 for more information.