Memorial Park Conservancy seeks Native Horticulture Technician

Memorial Park Conservancy seeks a full-time Native Horticulture Technician responsible for all aspects of horticulture care within assigned native landscapes in Memorial Park, as directed by the Landscape Manager and Horticulture Supervisor. The Native Horticulture Technician will work collaboratively with team members across all departments to ensure the proper care and proactive management of Memorial Park and reports to an assigned Crew Leader. Must have one or more years of professional experience in horticulture, strong plan ID skills, and experience with gardening techniques and operation of associated equipment. For a detailed job description and instructions to apply, visit

Memorial Park Conservancy seeks Native Plant Grow-Out Intern

The goal of the Native Plant Grow-Out Research Program is to build a relationship between Masters/Undergraduate students and Memorial Park staff in the management and operations of greenhouse and to inform ecological restoration and park care. The objective is to bring academic skills and resources to Memorial Park, benefiting all Houstonians. Continue reading

Memorial Park Conservancy seek Native Landscape Technician

The Memorial Park Conservancy is seeking a Native Landscape Technician. This person will be responsible for maintaining native landscapes within Memorial Park, including native gardens, bioswales, savanna, and forested environments, as directed by the Conservation Director and Native Landscape Supervisor. The Native Landscape Technician will coordinate with Conservation Coordinators and volunteers to maintain sustainable landscapes.

For a full job description, including duties and responsibilities, qualifications, required abilities, and instructions for applying, visit