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Purpose: Transition Houston serves to build on the wisdom of the existing resources in Houston’s diverse community to inspire, network and train localized communities to consider and adapt Rob Hopkins’ transition model. Together we can unite pools of ingenuity and skills to unleash the collective genius of our own people in finding self-determined solutions.

About Us: Transition Houston is an official Transition Initiative of the burgeoning Transition movement, #40 of the 100+ official Transition Initiatives in the U.S. The movement has spread world-wide with hundreds of initiatives in the few short years since the first Transition Town began in 2005. Transition Houston is a hub for the Houston region, providing support the transition from oil dependency to local resilience by equipping communities with creative adaptations in areas such as food, energy, health, education, spirit and economy to generate a road map towards sustainable living.

Volunteer Opportunities: We frequently have hands-on projects to create practical manifestations of resiliency, such as Permablitzes, where a yard is transformed using Permaculture principles into a food garden with other elements of self-sufficiency.

Meetings: Transition Houston usually meets on the first Tuesday of each month. Please check our websites to confirm the meeting date, time and location.

The CEC has a searchable, web-based version of the Environmental Resource Guide. You may also download older versions of the printed guide below.

Archived Resource Guides