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Save Buffalo Bayou

Work 4121 Mandell #3 Houston Texas 77006 Website: http://www.savebuffalobayou.org


Purpose:  To educate the public and public officials about proper land management on our many streams, drawing on the latest science, and to advocate for enlightened flood and erosion control and drainage policies and practices that respect the natural process of our local bayous and creeks, their floodplains and watersheds, the trees and vegetation growing on their banks, all of which are so vital for the health of our waters, our environment, and us.

Programs: Paddle with geologist Tom Helm on a two-hour floating class down a historic nature area on Buffalo Bayou. Learn about our 18,000-year-old bayou, about the formation of the bluffs and sandstone rocks during the last ice age, and see how the sand moves downstream, why the way the river looks the way it does, and much more. Classes can be scheduled any day of the week for small groups; larger groups can schedule for weekends only.

Frank C. Smith, Jr., Board Founding President

Susan Chadwick, Executive Director

The CEC has a searchable, web-based version of the Environmental Resource Guide. You may also download older versions of the printed guide below.

Archived Resource Guides