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Coastal Prairie Partnership

Work P.O. Box 540342 Houston TX 77254-0342 Work Phone: (713)518-0818 Website: Coastal Prairie Partnership Website


Purpose: The mission of the Coastal Prairie Partnership is to promote the conservation and restoration of Coastal Prairie ecosystems. Coastal Prairie Partnership (CPP) is a private, nonprofit collaboration of governmental agencies, non-governmental institutions, private individuals, and landowners working to achieve common conservation and education goals. Our ultimate goal is to help foster a more connected and empowered prairie community in coastal Texas and southwest Louisiana.

Dr. Cassidy Johnson, President

Jaime González, Vice President

Scott Kiester, Secretary


Programs: Southern Plains and Prairies Conference, Attwater Prairie Chicken Week, a clearinghouse for prairie information, plant propagation workshops, teacher education, prairie restoration projects, and facilitation of prairie action meetings.

Major Events: Southern Plains and Prairies Conference

Volunteer Opportunities (on website): Tabling events, electronic newsletter assistance, Facebook assistance, assistance with annual conference.

Speaker’s Bureau: Jaime Gonzalez at 281-660-6683.

Publications (on website): Coastal Prairie Plant Growers’ Handbook and others.

Video Content (on website): YouTube channel and

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