Thank you!


The CEC is grateful for all the members and subscribers and for all their input.

Thanksgiving is, of course, a day to reflect on one’s life and give thanks for all that you have – loved ones, shelter, good food, pets, or anything else! Here at Citizens’ Environmental Coalition, we are also giving thanks. This year, we are thankful for the ability to continue to send out this newsletter, for the soon-to-be released newly redesigned CEC website, and finally – and most importantly – for our members and subscribers. It’s because of you that we can continue to collaborate on and uplift environmental work going on in the Greater Houston Area.

Last week, we had the chance to connect with many wonderful organizational member representatives during the 2022 Member Convening. Chatting with folks in person and seeing how CEC could become more valuable to your organizations was a real treat. You gave us great feedback that will help us shape the future of CEC to be stronger and more impactful than ever. If you couldn’t join us last week, we would still love your input! Complete this short online survey today to share your thoughts.

Thanks to you – not just for supporting CEC, but for the work you do and for being part of this wonderful community.

Happy Thanksgiving!

It was great getting to meet with members during the 2022 Member Convening.

Introducing CEC’s Updated Newsletter Format!


These discs show links between CEC, its members, and the community.

For more than 50 years, the Citizens’ Environmental Coalition has worked to foster dialogue, education, and collaboration on environmental issues. This newsletter is one of the main ways we have shared all of the environmental events, green jobs, and more going on in the area, but we knew there was room for improvement! So we asked you, our subscribers, how best to proceed in a survey distributed earlier this fall. Your feedback confirmed what we guessed – with an active community as large as ours, the information we sent you every week could at times have felt a little unwieldy!

What you’re reading now is the new, streamlined CEC Newsletter. All the great resources you love are still here, it’s just a little easier to get through. At the top of the newsletter, you’ll find our feature story, member spotlight, and events (this week we are featuring the CEC Member Convening where we hope to meet representatives of our organizational members for a fun evening of connection and reflection). Under the Get Involved section, you can get to the green job postings, volunteer opportunities, contests, and resources for environmental educators.

We hope you enjoy the new design (which correlates with a redesign of that will be released in the coming weeks).

Thank you for your input!

Water Quality Specialist

Harris County’s Watershed Protection Group is seeking a Water Quality Specialist. The Specialist will work as a technical and scientific support member on a wide range of programs and projects that support the County’s compliance with water quality permits and laws, as well as proactive projects to improve the environment and public health. The Water Quality Specialist will also prepare required documentation to ensure compliance, manage County-owned water well permits and the County’s TPDES Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System permit, research, review, and provide draft comments on environmental permits, documents, and rule proposals as directed, including Texas Commission on Environmental Quality and Environmental Protection Agency initiatives. In addition, the Specialist will coordinate with staff across the County, represent the County at various meetings, and coordinate an annual continuing education seminar. For the full job description and to apply, go to