Houston City Council Agenda – October 17, 2017

This city will consider the following agenda items at the October 17, 2017, Houston Council Meeting.

7 – Over $6.5 million to be awarded for Industrial TX Corp for Sims Bayou South Wastewater Treatment Plant Improvements. This project is part of the City’s goal to improve the major wastewater treatment plants.

8 – Over $5.1 million to be awarded to PM Construction and Rehab, LLC, to fix sanitary sewers by sliplining and pipe bursting methods. Sliplining is repairing leaks or restoring structural stability. Pipebursting is a trenchless method of replacing buried pipelines.

9 – Over $12 million to be awarded to ReyTec Construction Resources for street repair, sidewalks, and an underground storm sewer system to reduce street flooding at the intersection of Interstate 10 to the south, Union Pacific Rail Road to the north, North Wayside on the east and Lockwood on the west.

10 – Over $1.3 million to be awarded to Grava, LLC to relocate sanitary sewer service lines for over 200 properties within the City of Houston.

18 – The following contractors were awarded a total of over $32 million from the Disaster Recovery Fund:

  1. Ceres Environmental Services, Inc
  2. Ontario Specialty Contracting, Inc, d/b/a OSC Texas
  3. JLS Consulting, LLC d/b/a Terraworx Construction
  4. Sun Packing, Inc
  5. H. Reid General Contractor
  6. NOLA Construction & Development Group, LLC
  7. Basal Solutions, LLC
  8. Fisher Construction, Inc
  9. Harris Builder, LLC
  10. TMG Services, Inc. & Perk Company, Inc, Joint Venture, LP
  11. Webb Trucking and Landclearing, Inc dba WLT Corporation
  12. Sustainable Freight Group Corporation

They will provide labor, supplies, and supervision required to load and move debris such as vegetation and household debris from public streets to debris management sites and/or landfills. The City will seek reimbursement from the Federal Emergency Management (FEMA) and other sources for expenditures related to Hurricane Harvey.

36 – Two water lines – 24 in. water line from Bastrop St. to Texas Ave. and 42 in. water line from IH-10 and Hunting Bayou – will be improved as part of the City’s Surface Water Transmission Program.

40 – JSI Houston Transfer Station, Inc. has been granted the right to collect and transport solid and industrial waste from commercial properties within the City of Houston.