CEC welcomes Rice Environmental Analysis Program as a new member

CEC Houston is pleased to welcome the Rice Environmental Analysis Program as one of CEC’s newest member organizations.

The Rice Environmental Analysis Program is a cross-disciplinary effort to incorporate courses from environmental science, earth science, statistics, chemistry, ecology, and evolutionary biology, mechanical engineering, applied mathematics, chemical engineering, economics, computer science, and sociology. The program is geared to teach students rigorous methods that are needed by industrial and governmental organizations to deal with environmental issues. Graduates are prepared with skills and knowledge valuable to environmental consulting firms, energy production companies, and government agencies.

Rice University
6100 Main St.
Houston, TX  77005-1892
[email protected]

[email protected]

The objectives of the Rice Environmental Analysis Program are:

  • To teach quantitative skills such as statistics, remote sensing, data analysis, and modeling
  • To teach how to apply technical and analytical skill, and scientific evaluation methods to help solve problems affecting the environment
  • To give students the ability to anticipate problems, not just solve them
  • To teach business and management skills and professional ethics to be effective in a business environment

Students are able to choose from three focus areas: Environmental Sustainability, Management and Policy, and Quantitative Decision Making.

Alumni from this program have found employment in a variety of fields depending of their focus area, such as, Manager for Environmental Engineering, Climate and Ecosystem Project Developer, Governance Consultant, Env. Operations Manager, Environmental Consultant, Environmental specialist, EHS Advisor, Sustainable Design leader, Land GIS Analyst, Environmental Scientist/Engineer, Water Technology Lead, Staff member on Committee of Energy and Commerce, U.S House of Representatives; Grants and Contracts Specialist, Risk Analyst, Data Analyst, and others.