Houston City Council Agenda – January 17, 2018

This city considered the following agenda items at the January 17, 2018, Houston Council Meeting. The agenda items include final payments for various contract work in the city of Houston.2 – Final payment of over $6.4 million to Texas Sterling Construction Co. was approved. The project reduced the risk of structural flooding by constructing storm sewers. It was bounded by Flagship Drive (north), Turning Basin (south), IH 610 (east), Maxine Street (west). It was completed in 430 calendar days and 5% under the original contract amount.

3 – Final payment of over $2.4 million to Pepper-Lawson Waterworks, LLC. was approved. The project renewed/replaced the inefficient parts of wastewater treatment plants at 13525 W. Houston Center Blvd. It was completed 3% under the original contract amount.

4 – Final payment of nearly $2.4 million to Industrial TX Corp. was approved. The contractor removed, transported, and disposed of solids, sand, and grit from wastewater treatment facilities, as well as cleaned process units to identify ones that needed repairs. The final cost was 100% of the original contract amount.