CEC Thanks and Congratulates Jose Navarro

Normally, CEC welcomes interns when they start working with CEC. This time, we are saying thanks and congratulations as Jose Navarro finishes his internship and GRADUATES from University of Houston/Downtown.

(When Jose wrote this, it was still true, but it is now a bit out of date.)

I am a senior at the University of Houston Downtown, studying professional writing with minors in corporate communication and Spanish. I am ready to graduate this December and start a new chapter in my life. I am interested in the science field and interested in medical and scientific writing. I believe that knowledge is power and being able to write that knowledge so that future generations can understand is a great skill to have to help humanity move forward.

I love to learn about new scientific discoveries especially innovative ways to improve
people’s lives either physically or psychologically. I addition I love nature and all its wildlife; I like to capture nature’s beautiful moments on camera whenever possible. I care about
the environment and like to help clean it or keep it clean, as we only have one planet to live on so let’s take care of it.

In addition to help the environment I also like to help in the community when I can. I have
volunteered for places such as Memorial Park for cleaning, preparing events at Bering
Omega, the Houston Food Bank, St. Vincent de Paul Society, and Ripley House coaching for young kids. I also helped to improve the Houston e-government website so people can have a better time navigating through it and finding what they need more efficiently.