New Member Welcome: the Texas Regional Office of the National Parks Conservation Association

This week the CEC welcomes as a new member the Texas Regional Office of the National Parks Conservation Association.

¬†From the Big Bend to the Big Thicket, the 16 national parks and sites of Texas welcome more than 5 million visitors each year. These guests–Texas residents and far-flung travelers alike–come to learn about the proud history of the Lone Star State and experience the amazing wildlife, cultural treasures, and natural beauty that abound within this diverse group of iconic lands.

Working to help protect these enthralling national spaces is the Texas Regional Office of the National Parks Conservation Association. Opened in 2007, the Texas Regional Office facilitates collaborative projects that help ensure the preservation of these unique sites, as well as to designate exciting new ones, with support from NPCA’s one million members, supporters, partners and friends.

The office’s latest project is the proposed creation of a Lone Star Coastal National Recreation Area on the central and upper Texas coast, stretching from Palacios to High Island. Linking nearly 250,000 acres of public beaches, bays, refuges, parks, historic sites and partner-owned nature preserves, this proposed natural wonderland represents a collaboration among more than 20 site partners.

Complementing the NPCA’s conservation activities are the three publications it produces: the quarterly National Parks magazine, which offers compelling stories about parklands throughout the United States; the Texas Pride report, which celebrates the unique features of the Lone Star State’s national parks; and the periodic Texas Office Field Report, which provides news and further information about the priceless national parks within our great state.

To learn more about the NPCA’s efforts, including the proposed Lone Star Coastal National Recreation Area, please contact Victoria Herrin, campaign director, at [email protected].