2012 Adopt-a-Beach-Event

Title: 2012 Adopt-a-Beach-Event
Location: Scenic Galveston’s Preserves
Description: What? SCENIC GALVESTON’s 24th AAB-E cleaning participation! Saturday
April 28, let’s do it again! Thanks to you who have stepped “through and into the Tide” for
years to clean tons of debris and invasive species from SG’s preserves.
Registration required between 8 and 9 – into the field from 9 to 12. Teams return by 12:30 to
the Pavillion for custom lunches, RSVP required, with update on SG’s habitat conservation
work, site reports, and the day’s bird observation count. Team efforts produce an invigorating
day in spectacular scenic marshes and prairies, and on two bay shorelines!
Where? Take Exit 6 off I-45 just south of Bayou Vista to service road, then 1st right to park in
SG’s Reitan Point event site with its landmark Pavillion in the John M. O’Quinn I-45 Scenic
Estuarial Corridor’s West Marsh. No parking in ROW. Shuttles take teams to cleaning sites in
the I-45 Corridor Preserve or Virginia Point Peninsula Preserve. Briefing gives volunteers
their choice of various sites—“hard-to-easy” wetlands, to bay shores or prairies.
Dress? Jeans for protection, caps/hats, sunglasses, lace tennis (or mud boots) as some
must cross channels to work in wetlands – no flip flops allowed. Cameras/binoculars urged
for scenery and birds. After lunch breakdown, volunteers invited to view magnificent
marshes, kayak, canoe, “bird”, fish, and photograph until sunset.
Supplies? SG provides restrooms, washing facilities, water bottles, litter bags, gloves,
repellent, suntan lotion, midmorning fruit, cold drinks with lunch, souvenirs and tons of fun.
Join SG! Enjoy conservation work and the splendid outdoors in “your parklands” every day!
RSVP attendance – 979-234-2096 or 409-789-4996, [email protected]
Start Time: 08:00
Date: 2012-04-28