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Harris County Office of County Administration seeks Climate Justice Manager

Position Description

Under minimal supervision, the Climate Justice Manager leads and coordinates efforts focused on climate justice, sustainability, and energy in Harris County. Individuals in this position play a critical role in advocating for equitable and sustainable solutions to address climate change impacts within our community, ensuring that environmental and social justice are at the forefront of all initiatives.

They will co-lead and support ongoing climate justice planning efforts, to include extensive, meaningful community engagement; co-create a draft and final Climate Justice Plan, facilitate dialog with internal and external stakeholders, and advance policies that contribute to climate justice. This position will also contribute to federal grant applications and will be expected to represent the federal government’s Justice40 Initiative internally. They will also support the team implementing Harris County’s Climate Action Plan for internal operations and Clean Energy Strategy. Finally, they will contribute to strategic reframing sessions, develop a pipeline of innovative opportunities, and project manage specific initiatives to implementation.


  • $90,000 – $105,000 Annually
  • Depends on Qualifications
  • Based on 26 Pay Periods
    • Plus, benefits

Position Type and Typical Hours of Work:

  • Regular Full-time
  • Monday – Friday | 8:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M.
    • Occasional weekends, holidays, and overtime may be required based on the specific needs and demands of the department.

Work Environment and Physical Demands:

  • This position is based in an office environment, where the use of standard office equipment such as computers, phones, scanners, and filing cabinets is routine.
  • The physical demands associated with this job are minimal, with occasional lifting and moving of objects weighing up to 10 pounds.
  • The role is predominantly sedentary, involving mainly sitting with occasional standing and walking.

Reporting Relationships:

  • Reports To Position: Director of Sustainability
  • Supervises Positions: None

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Strategy Development: Develops and implements a comprehensive climate justice strategy for Harris County in alignment with organizational and countywide goals; this includes incorporating equity and inclusivity principles to address the unique needs and concerns of residents in frontline and disadvantaged communities.
  • Community Engagement: Collaborates with community organizations, government agencies, non-profits, and other stakeholders to foster partnerships ensuring a diverse range of voices in climate justice initiatives, and facilitating dialogue and engagement to gather input and feedback on climate action and justice efforts from underrepresented communities.
  • Policy Advocacy: Conducts research and advocates for climate justice and sustainability policies and regulations in collaboration with County departments, officials, and relevant stakeholders; supports grant opportunities in climate justice, clean energy transition, sustainability, and community engagement while serving as the internal expert on federal regulations and policies related to the Justice40 Initiative, acting as the Justice40 coordinator.
  • Strategic Issue Resolution: Addresses unusually complex issues through analytical methods, creative problem-solving, and presentation of findings to senior leaders.
  • Reporting: Delivers regular reports to stakeholders, emphasizing achievements, challenges, and improvement recommendations. As well as preparing and reviewing periodic reports to inform Commissioners Court of progress on the Climate Justice Plan and other projects.
  • Leadership: Collaborates with, coaches, and empowers analysts and junior staff, fostering their growth and professional development.
  • Other Essential Functions: Completes special projects and other duties as assigned, working on a wide variety of financial, administrative, professional, management, and community issues and challenges.

Education and Experience:

  • Bachelor’s degree in public policy, environmental science, sustainability, social justice, or a directly related field.
  • Five (5) years of professional administrative, policy, financial, analytical, or consulting experience.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

  • Ability to develop strategic direction and program implementation collaboratively with various stakeholder/community-based groups.
  • Ability to conduct a benefits analysis for low-income and disadvantaged communities using evidence, best practices, and data to demonstrate the impacts of climate justice efforts.
  • Ability to prepare clear, concise, and comprehensive correspondence, reports, studies, and other written materials.
  • Knowledge of sustainability, climate, social, racial, political, and environmental issues influencing climate programs specific to Harris County and the State of Texas.
  • Knowledge of applied participatory governance and collaborative governance models as a means for achieving meaningful engagement with community members.
  • Knowledge of principles and practices of policy analysis and development, goal setting, program development, implementation, and evaluation.
  • Highly skilled in oral and written communications, public speaking, and working with media, community groups, and various business, professional, educational, regulatory, advocacy, and legislative organizations.
  • Highly skilled in building trust and effective, strong working relationships, partnerships, and networks with communities of color and the organizations that serve them.

NOTE: Qualifying education, experience, knowledge, and skills must be documented on your job application. You may attach a resume to the application as supporting documentation but ONLY information stated on the application will be used for consideration. “See Resume” will not be accepted for qualifications.


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