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Woodlands G.R.E.E.N.

Work P.O. Box 9934 The Woodlands TX 77387 Work Phone: 713-540-1964 Website: Woodlands G.R.E.E.N. Website


Purpose: The The Woodlands G.R.E.E.N. is a tax-deductible 501 (c)(3) educational organization that promotes natural resource conservation, recycling, solid waste reduction, safe and sensible care of our air and water resources, and other responsible actions that protect the environment and its inhabitants.

Meetings: Board & Members Meeting, 5:30-7 p.m., second tuesday of each month, location specified on website.

Programs: Lecture series on sustainability; A Walk in the Woods; Woodlands Landscaping Solutions; 3R Bazaar; Buy Recycled Boutique; Adopt-a-Path; GREEN Student Ambassadors.

Major Events: Annual Earth Day GREENUP; Texas Recycles Day; Feeding the Dragon Village Challenge; Waterfest.

Volunteer Opportunities: Volunteers are needed for events, recycling, and conservation activities. See website for details. http://www.thewoodlandsgreen.org

Publications: The Dragon Circle, published three times per year.

Paul Nelson, President
(713) 540-1964

Rob Dushek, Vice President

Kathie Herrick, Secretary
281-292-2232 (cell)

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The CEC has a searchable, web-based version of the Environmental Resource Guide. You may also download older versions of the printed guide below.

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