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Flower Garden Banks Natl Marine Sanctuary

Work 4700 Avenue U, Building 216 Galveston TX 77551 Work Phone: (409) 621-5151 Work Phone: (409) 621-1316 Website: Flower Garden Banks Natl Marine Sanctuary Website


Purpose: Identify, protect, conserve, and enhance the natural and cultural resources, values, and qualities of Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary and its regional environment for this and future generations.

Programs: Down Under, Out Yonder (DUOY) Educator Workshop and Scuba Field Experience – annually in July. Workshop information is available at http://flowergarden.noaa.gov/education/workshops.html. Presentations for civic associations, camp programs, and other interested groups – as available

Events: Ocean Discovery Day – annually on a Saturday in March (next one is March 12, 2016). This FREE event is designed to introduce residents and visitors to NOAA programs in their community.

Volunteer Opportunities: we do occasionally need volunteers to help with program preparation and Ocean Discovery Day. Interested people can subscribe to the list via our website

Publications: Links to all publications found on website.

Shelley Du Puy, Education Coordinator
(409) 356-0382

Kelly Drinnen, Sanctuary Outreach Specialist,
(409) 356-0388