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White Oak Bayou Association

Work P.O. Box 9220510 Houston TX 77292-0510 Website: White Oak Bayou Association Website


Purpose: To promote greater public awareness, appreciation, and enjoyment of White Oak Bayou, its tributaries and environs by advocating the preservation, restoration, and maintenance of the natural wildlife habitats thereof, while promoting compatible educational and recreational opportunities within the area. White Oak Bayou Association was founded in May 1986.

Meetings: Monthly: 2nd Tuesday, 7:00 p.m. except November;  Annual: November (Location, date, and time to be announced); Please confirm meeting location, date, and time by calling (713) 864-3008.

Programs: Field trips, tree planting, bike ways, storm water quality and environmental advocacy, participation in Harris County Flood Control District stakeholder committees, coordination with City of Houston Floodplain Management office, and education. Coordination with Bayou Preservation Association.

Publications: Website – http://www.bayoupreservation.org.

Tom Gall, President
[email protected]

Christina Hughes, Vice President

Bob Lee, Vice President

Carolyn White, Vice President

Teresa Matlock, Treasurer
[email protected]

Doug Shannon, Secretary

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P.O. Box 9220510 Houston TX 77292-0510