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Purpose: The Shell Center for Sustainability’s mission is to foster an interdisciplinary program of research, outreach, and education to address actions that can be taken to ensure the sustainable development of communities’ living standards, interpreted broadly, to encompass all factors affecting the overall quality of life. In our Vision, the Shell Center for Sustainability is the regional expert in Gulf Coast sustainable development by fostering academic research, outreach and education initiatives in interdisciplinary partnerships and through collaborations that extend outreach from the Florida Keys to the Yucatan Peninsula with strong focus in the Houston and Galveston Region.

Programs: The Center supports faculty research on critical matters such as understanding ozone formation and the impact of invasive species on biodiversity. We foster awareness of sustainability issues among our students by providing unusual opportunities to learn about how diverse elements of society may contribute to the sustainability of our planet.

Events: Land Use Conference, Research, Outreach, Presentations, Reports and Publications.

Publications: Shell Center for Sustainability Annual Report, Quality of Life
Atlas, Sustainable Communities and Public Education. All accessible online.

Speakers: Yes – Video presentations available online.

Dr. John B. Anderson, Academic Director

Lilibeth André, Associate Director
Operations, Administration & Public Relations

The CEC has a searchable, web-based version of the Environmental Resource Guide. You may also download older versions of the printed guide below.

Archived Resource Guides