Candidate Forums

The Citizens’ Environmental Coalition hosts candidate forums to engage the environmental community in Houston, hoping to inspire advocates and voters for upcoming elections or events. Because nonprofits are nonpartisan and rooted in local communities, they are well positioned to sponsor forums and increase public understanding of the election process and the candidates running. CEC uses candidate forums as a powerful tool to advance the environmental and climate policy goals of CEC; we encourage advocacy through these forums. 

Courtesy of Fayetteville Flyer

In 2015 our candidate forum focused around “The impact of the urban sustainable educational program on Hispanics in Houston” with speaker Charoula Perlwitz. The aim of her thesis was to evaluate whether the urban sustainable educational program for adult- Hispanics would increase the awareness of the consequences of excessive energy (electricity) consumption and would change the behavior in energy usage. The thesis/speech was an interesting topic that brought together a community and new topics. 

If you have a similar issue you would like CEC to be aware of please reach out and join our candidate forum. Whether you want to support a certain issue, want to change state law, or simply want to increase awareness of your issues or constituency, our forums allow us to pioneer the world we wish to see and be active participants in the policies and politics that affect us. CEC’s main goal of the candidate forums are to build awareness of and greater recognition for our organization and the communities we serve, while inspiring the environmental community to be active participants in government.

Our next Candidate Forum will be held Sunday, October 2nd from 4 to 6 PM. Location TBD. Please keep an eye out for information soon to come.