New Employee Welcome

The Citizens’ Environmental Coalition is excited to welcome new employees! Interns and volunteers–in addition to staff–are critical to the success and growth of the CEC, helping with our publications and events, researching local environmental issues, connecting with our member organizations, and building new programs. While we value for their help, we are even more grateful for the privilege of working with future leaders and environmental advocates who inspire us with their enthusiasm about pressing environmental issues such as environmental justice and climate change.

Our interns are creating films, training teachers, translating curriculum into Spanish, producing film festivals, administering Salesforce, surveying member organizations, analyzing policy, working with volunteers, and supervising social media. They are high school, college, and graduate students from around the globe. They are attending mentorship meetings with local environmental leaders. They are reading and sharing information about environmental news and history. They are learning first hand about nonprofit management. They raise goats, register voters, produce award-winning films, lead student chapters of professional organizations, run blogs, work at Space Center Houston, teach bouldering, explore parks, debate competitively, bake desserts, talk politics, volunteer extensively, and dream big. They will change our world.