Faithful Resilience: A Study on Climate Resilience for Faith Communities

September 23, 2021 @ 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm America/Chicago Timezone
Lisa Brenskelle

The Interfaith Environmental Network of Houston invites you to participate in “Faithful Resilience”, a six-part study on climate resilience for faith communities. The climate crisis has arrived. Faith communities must not only react, but also prepare.

Over the last decade, hurricanes have intensified, wildfires have burnt stronger, and heat waves have baked our cities. These events can only be expected to get worse in the next decades. Most of our faith communities are not ready for these climate-driven disasters. Yet, the communities who will be most threatened by climate change also have an opportunity to play a pivotal role in building resilience in their towns and cities. Whether a faith community has a large facility, land, social capital, or something else, those assets can be channeled into building climate resilience in preparation for the coming physical and spiritual storms of the climate crisis.

Join us for a six-week exploration of faith community can become a force for climate resilience for your community.

Week 1: The Land We Inhabit

Week 2: The Fierce Urgency of Now

Week 3: Resilience & Restoration

Week 4: Climate Migration

Week 5: Building Resilience

Week 6: Resilient Religion/Spirituality

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