2022 Theme: Birds

We collaborated with the UHD graphic design department to create a project for Earth Day Houston’s theme of birds. They created posters and signs to inform the public on bird migrations, different types of bird species, and how to support birds and their ecosystems. Earth Day became such a success with UHD’s graphics. Click through the slideshow above.

Information on the Theme of Birds

Houston is the 4th largest metropolitan area, one of the fastest growing metro areas, and one of the most diverse cities in the country. 

Houston is also situated in one of the most ecologically diverse urban areas in the country: Houston–also known as the Bayou City–is situated at the juncture of the East Texas Pineywoods, Columbia and Trinity bottomland forests, the Katy prairie, coastal bays and estuaries, and the Gulf of Mexico. Its position makes it a hotspot for avian migration, with millions of birds passing through the region each year — and approximately 2 billion birds migrating through the state annually. Waterways, with their adjacent riparian areas, provide important habitats for the birds and other wildlife that live in and pass through the region. 

In recognition of the importance of Houston’s urban habitats to birds, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service designated Houston as part of the Urban Bird Treaty. The UBT supports city partners in conserving birds and their habitats, while providing opportunities for people in diverse, undeserved communities to engage in bird-related recreation, education, science, and conservation activities in urban areas. 

Earth Day Houston at Discovery Green will celebrate 20 years as an Urban Bird Treaty city with extra, bird-themed exhibitors and activities. You will have the opportunity to learn about the diversity of birds in the region, the importance of riparian areas to both birds and people, health and vulnerability trends for for the bird population, what initiatives are underway to support both our bird and human populations, and what actions you can take to make our environment healthier for both our bird and human communities. You will also have the opportunity to learn about and meet some birds–large and small–in person.

More information about what you can do to help local birds can be found here.